Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment

Drive business performance across the organization with advanced analytics, optimization, and decisioning.

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Telecommunications, media, and entertainment
The telecommunications, media, and entertainment sector is evolving and transforming at unprecedented speed to meet growing consumer demand for modern services in an increasingly connected world. Traditional telecommunications, internet, and pay-TV services have converged and consumer adoption of many subscription services has accelerated. To meet consumer expectations for more personalized services, FICO delivers advanced, customer-centric solutions.
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FICO solutions offer a wide range of capabilities, empowering you to make smarter, personalized decisions, streamline operations, and improve the customer experience.


Create and grow customer relationships with confidence.

Account Opening

Fast, frictionless, digital-first account opening solutions.

Customer Management

Smarter decisions, better customer outcomes.

Customer Communications

AI-infused, data-driven digital communication builds lifetime value.

Payments Fraud

Industry-proven machine learning and AI for payments fraud protection across all channels.

Collections Management

Creating the right balance between operational efficiencies and improving customer experience

FICO is a pioneer in advanced analytics, optimization, and decisioning solutions


We successfully deliver solutions in market today to top wireless, pay-TV, and subscription service providers globally. We understand the importance of your acquisition, growth, and retention strategies. Together, we can apply our expertise in big data and AI to help you leverage vast, rich datasets to improve customer centricity. Sharing best practices and deeply understanding the tradeoffs, we enable you to optimally align people, process, and technology, manage to your company-specific risk tolerances, accelerate your return on investment, and ensure your success.

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The FICO® Platform is a solid foundation to build on


It is complemented with a suite of solutions that can help guide your decisions, as well as your strategy. These solutions can solve your mission-critical business needs today and tomorrow, whether your focus is on the best next offer, maximizing subscriber value, mitigating voluntary and involuntary churn, managing first- and third-party collections, improving financing device decisions, operationalizing your analytics, recovering equipment, preventing fraud, personalizing every consumer interaction across the customer lifecycle, or optimizing ad schedules, offers, or pricing.

FICO solutions help us optimize credit policies so we can make the right offer to the right customer every time.

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