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Reach more consumers with fewer agents using digital, interactive communication
Over 85% of customers are not only using digital communications, including voice, text, email, mobile apps, interactive voice response (IVR), online portals, virtual and human agents, they expect to use their preferred channels with everyone do they business. It’s what they expect when communicating about a delinquent debt. Intelligent, digital communications give collection agencies the ability to connect with more consumers with fewer agents and less cost.
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Whether a customer simply forgot to pay a bill or was chronically delinquent due to financial hardship, we treated them the same. We now analyze customer segmentation data, identify different groups of customers and work out the best ways for handling them.

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Thames Water Utilities Unlimited
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Thames Water

Thames Water reduces bad debt by understanding customers better and tailoring communications
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    Reach more consumers with fewer agents.

    Resolve more debt and deliver a better journey with digitally empowered, interactive communication.
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